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Lisa Marie Pedal Bins Stainless Steel 30L

Plastic Flower Pot 5'' (12.7cm) (PACK 4)

Flower Pot Saucer 20cm (PACK 3)

Traditional Hanging Basket 16''

Half-Barrel Trough Planter

Kingfisher Pro Gold Deluxe Soft-Grip Garden Hand Trowel

Kingfisher Pro Gold Long Handled Grass Shear

Kingfisher 7 Dial Spray Lance

Plastic Flower Pot 3'' (7.5cm) (8 PACK)

Plastic Flower Pot 6'' (15cm) (PACK 3)

Plastic Flower Pot 8'' (20cm) (PACK 1)

Kingfisher Dutch Hoe Tubular Handle CS530

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