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Moy Chainlink Galvanised Fence 36'' x 2'' x 14G 25m

Insulators - 200Mm Screw-In

Koltec Electric Fence Gate Handles (Black)

Electric Fence Testers 1-6000V

Garden Netting 4m x 2m

Moy Galvanised Barbed Staples 40mm x 20kg

Moy Galvanised Netting Stables 20mm 20kg

Moy Electro Galvanised Staples 30mm x 3.55m 20kg

Netting Staples 20mm x 500g

Tinsley Barbed Wire 3'' Green

Moy Galvanised Wire Netting 24''X 1/2''X 50m

PVC Tying Wire 16g. 2.5kg

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